Bespoke Manufactured Options

Whilst we offer a number of “off the shelf” options for a range of practical, metal fabricated, every day items via our online shop, we recognise that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Our talented team can adapt or adjust any of our existing designs or to create something completely new. Below are some topical suggestions, but we’re not limited by what you see here!

Bespoke Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

We’ve had a number of businesses get in touch with us because they’ve been unable to find a hand sanitiser dispenser that fits their needs, for whatever reason. Providing hand sanitiser is now an essential requirement for nearly every business, and it’s not something to compromise on.

We can help by:

Manufacturing something to your exact dimensions
Providing personalised or branded engraving
Designing a bespoke delivery system.

Other COVID-19 Solutions

All companies are struggling with the realities or how to keep their staff and customers safe. Perhaps you have an idea that you think will work well in your environment, but you can’t source it from anywhere. Let us tackle the challenge and come up with a practical, affordable solutions.

Our Norfolk-based workshop is using the highest levels of COVID-19 protection (Norfolk is currently a very low risk area for COVID-19). All products will be individually boxed before distribution to protect against any possible sources of contamination in transit.

To talk to use about a bespoke project, please get in touch.